We research & develop safe, natural and affordable alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs from Nigerian medicinal plants

What we do

Natural Products

We produced well researched natural alternative drugs for common health challenges in the for of teas, capsules and supplements.


One-on-one consultation between patients and a trained phytotherapist for health advises and treatment recommendations.


We are involved with capsulation and/or tea-bagging  as a service for other businesses in Nigeria.

Herbal formulations on-demand

We produce on-demand natural formulations for  specific illness that are not part of our regular product catalog.

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Our Bestseller

One of the innovative natural drugs developed from herbal point services company was the Herb 25 anti-malarial drug in 2007. Since then, numerous research works at both master and doctorate levels have been conducted to confirm of its effectiveness and safety by researchers and universities in Nigeria.   This became first NAFDAC (National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control) approved and  registered drug to be produced from indegionous plants in the country.

A book was also published on the development of the H25 anti malarial drug titled “Innovation In Malaria control: The Unfolding Story Of Herb 25” in 2018. This book was published to highlighted the context and background of malaria in Nigeria and Africa, our health system, the process of the development and formulation of the drug etc.

This product went on to result in much publicity, awards, recognition and it served as an example of our capabilities and the effectiveness and potential of natural medicine. It also showed the potential of developing the infrastructure of integrative health care  in our country.

Herb 25 - Anti-malarial Drug

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