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Address from the founder

Being a lecturer and researcher for decades (1988-2018) in the field of medicinal plants, I was seriously worried by the clear under utilisation of Nigerian medicinal, economic and nutraceutical plants in the country while we import inferior plant products in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. 

Meanwhile, there is an urgent need for the conservation, utilisation and preservation of medicinal plants for health and economic purposes to safeguard from gradually fading away as it happened to many of our traditional knowledge and practices.

The establishment of Herbalpoint Services was both as a research and business venture towards developing simple, affordable and accessible options of medicines, supplements and nutraceuticals from Nigerian medicinal plants  

DR. Hadiza Nuhu



To be a leading producer of natural therapies and Alternative medicine in Africa


To utilise and develop African Plants through the use of indigenous knowledge and research for the health and economic well being of Africa.


Herbal point services was established on 10th April, 2004 in Zaria, (Kaduna state) with our retail store at No.12 opposite zaria hotel, Zaria road and our production site at Hayin Mallam, Zaria,  Kaduna state, Nigeria.

It was founded and established by Dr. (Mrs) Hadiza Nuhu who was a researcher and lecturer at one of the leading Universities in Nigeria Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, Kaduna state. She recently retired in 2018 after three decades of teaching and research (1988-2018) from the Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, ABU Zaria.

Herbal point services was established with the sole aim of addressing and providing cheaper, more sustainable and better alternative therapies from Nigerian medicinal plants in view of the numerous difficulties faced by the population. The founder during the course of her research and teaching came to recognise numerous plants with both scientific and traditional records as effective tools of solving many health challenges.

Through time and great effort, we have progressed to develop and produce many natural, safe and affordable therapies all of which are solely from Nigerian medicinal plants. Notable from amongst them is the H25 the natural anti-malarial drug which earned Dr. Hadiza Nuhu a national honors award and the OON title by the Nigerian president  in the year 2008.

Notable Awards & recognition

OON National Award - 2008

Local Raw Materials award - 2009

Great African patriotic achievers merit award - 2009

African professional Managers golden awards -2015

Award for excellence for contribution to national development goals -2009

Expansion to the Gambia with the registration of 5 products with the national board - 2018.

and many more...

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