Our Products

Formulated Drugs

These are drugs that were developed through the research of Nigerian medicinal plants and are made of various herbs as a formulation to treat common health challenges in Nigeria

Herb 2 - Anti-Hypertensive Tea

A formulation that normalises high blood pressure.

Herb 10 - Antibiotic Tea

A natural antibiotic that treats common infections such as mouth ulcer, UTIs, yeast infection

Herb 5 - Blood Sugar Reducer

Capsules for diabetes and pre-diabetes patients that helps control blood sugar to normal levels

Herb 16 - Ulcer Remedy

This helps heal ulcers in the gut and prevents them from worsening

Herb 24 - Liver Invigorator

This is a detoxing tea that aids in liver function and treats diseases such as hepatitis, recurrent malaria, etc.

Herb 25 - Anti-Malarial Tea

Our award winning NAFDAC registered drug that treats malaria efficiently with Nigerian medicinal plants

Herb 55 - Anti-Typhoid Tea

This treats the typhoid infection that is often accompanied by malaria fever

Herb 100 - Immune Booster

An immune booster for better health, improve body immunity, low energy, etc.


These are single plants/herbs that have been identified to aid in numerous health problems that we face in our daily lives encapsulated or tea bagged or easier consumption.

Black Seed Capsules

Black Seed powder is used for menstrual pain, respiratory tract diseases, asthma, improved immunity, etc.

Bitter Leaf Capsule

Bitter Leaf capsules is used to treat low sperm count in men, infections, etc.

Turmeric Capsules

Turmeric is known for its excellent anti-inflammatory property, as an immune boosters, etc.

Sabara Tea

Guiera Senegalensis is often used for to treat infections, diarrhea, skin ailments, cancer, etc.

Fenugreek Capsules

Fenugreek is good for women's hormonal balance, PCOS, high cholesterol, etc.